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Jamie Burton-Oare is an award-winning Writer/Director/Actor whose feature film directorial debut, DOING THE L.A. THING premiered at the American Black Film Festival, was nominated for the Best Director-First Feature Award at the Pan African Film Festival, and winner of the HBO Best Feature Award at the Martha’s Vineyard African-American Film Festival (MVAAFF.) Jamie’s short film THE BULLY, garnered the Best Short Film Award at the Boca Black Film Festival, was nominated for the Producer’s Award at the MVAAFF. Jamie’s latest film, SOULFUL STEPS: A SOUL LINE DANCE JOURNEY WITH J&J, is her first feature-length documentary premiered at the 16th Annual MVAAFF, in August, 2018 and won the Best Documentary Feature at the Trinity International Film Festival. Jamie's most recent work is a PSA on voting Exec. Produced by Run&Shoot Filmworks/Facebook selected by OWN Your Vote and When We All Vote as a Finalist. Jamie is prepping for her next Documentary Feature based out of Flint, Michigan. Jamie also consults other filmmakers in bringing their visions to light via 


As an actor, Jamie has starred and appeared in many independent films, including notable television and theater roles, such as Amour Infinity, CSI:NY, The Eleventh Hour, C’Mon Man, Shooter (HBO), RADA (The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts), and most recently Quiet As Kept. Jamie has a BBA in Marketing from Howard University, completed film school at Los Angeles City College, and earned an MFA in Screenwriting, from Cal State University-Northridge. Her films are produced through her production company Jomaja Films, and she is a native to Flint, Michigan, which provides the foundation for much of her work.


Director/Writer/Producer/Editor                                           Jamie Burton-Oare

Co-Producer                                                                                       Zorro Roberts

Additional Editors  

Joshua Alexander, James Brevard, Daniel Gradilla


Jamie Burton-Oare, Zorro Roberts, Irwin Miller, Shawn Jackson, Holly Morris

Music Score and Supervision

Al Jackson

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